Ok last post I promise. Here are some photos I found on my camera.

-Cassie Ochoa

Final Thoughts

Is there a time limit on blog posts? I have no idea. I’ve been dying to write another blog post for about 24 hours now. Granted a good 14 of those hours I had no internet and no bed in near complete social isolation and the rest were hours missing through time travel, so mentally writing a blog post was the only thing keeping me sane. There’s a short story out there, I don’t remember the title right now, about a boy and time travel. See, teleportation exists, and you’re supposed to close your eyes when you go through the teleportation machine otherwise something will “go wrong”. He doesn’t, and it ages him mentally and he goes crazy. That’s a bit besides the point, but I wanted to establish a bit of context as to why this may seem a bit…buggy. One of my best friends always gets on me about saying things out of context, particularly since usually they cast certain aspects into a negative light. Even though establishing context takes away most of the humor.

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Favorite moments

I have noted a few of my favorite experience that I have had since my start in London. Starting with when I was standing and starting down at Saint Pauls Cathedral from up in the whispering room. I was standing with my good friends Beth and Kidd and we spoke about religion and the architecture and many things that had much significance to us at the time. It was an emotional experience for me because it was such an overwhelming and powerful building with so much history behind it; because I was able to share it with such important people in my life it ment that much more to me. Also, the paintings on the ceiling in Saint Pauls Cathedral were some of my favorite paintings on the entire trip. I really enjoy baroque style paintings, which was one style that we learned about on the trip, along with others, and they seem to catch my eye with the high contrast most of them have in their lighting.

One of my other favorite experiences was seeing “Matilda”. This was the second play we saw following “War Horse”; which is tied for first.. I enjoyed this show so much because as a kid I used to watch the movie Matilda over and over with my sisters and it was refreshing and exciting to see anothers interpretation of it. I presented information on Matilda for the class that week and it was nominated for awards such as best director, best set design, best choreography, best musical, best acting from four of the main characters including all four of the little girls who played Matilda. I believe they deserve every one of those awards! This play brought me back to my childhood.

Finally, when we went to the tower of London we were told of a myth which says that if the Ravens fly away from the tower then it will collapse. My group and I were able to get very close to these birds and take pictures with them. I heard before this trip that Ravens have photogenic memories so I was trying hard to look as pleasant and unthreatening as possible. This was a fun afternoon and my friends and I had some laughs. I also now have a special appreciation for Ravens; which is nice.

Overall, this trip to London was one that I will never forget because it was my first time traveling abroad. I am very sad to leave, but I plan on returning some day to get even more of an experience. Also, it will be nice to get back to my two dogs whom I miss so much!!

Thank you Jessica!

Maegan Kurtz

Random pictures that caught my eye! No rhyme or reason! Strange to think we’re leaving in less that 12 hours! Bittersweet.

Christal xo

London, Oxford, Windsor, and beyond!

-Julia Abramson

10 funniest pictures found on my camera after the trip to London.

Theatre, Art, Me ……. London

Sitting in the computer lab on our last day, the stress of packing not started, and the anxiety of finally being able to have some american accents back into play fuels me towards my flight tomorrow. All day I just been in the “Go” for tomorrow long transition back home. When I reach my house surrounded by six feet of snow, my family will start asking every question imaginable to ask about my trip and I will disappoint them. It’s the fact that we have done so much and seen so much that one sit down will not cover the adventure I had embarked. They’ll never understand what it felt like when Joey the star of War Horse grew from and adolescent to an adult, or when Romeo had held Juliet’s limp body across the Royal Opera House Stage, or even getting lost in this vast city.

To pick out some distinct moments to answer my parents questions, will be just being able have the city at our leisure. Other than group events we had our time to soak up the city and become Londoners, with our extremely ridiculous British accents. Unlike most city’s you will find, most of us felt more than comfortable in London, it felt easy. The people were more hospitable than the US which had surprised us, cleaner, easier to get around, and most importantly fun. The amount of fun we had this trip was exhausting and never ending.

Three Moments worth typing about:

1.) To jump to our outings I will never forget the emotional wall that had broken during War Horse. Not only was it fresh, the puppetry and believability of the cast was phenomenal. No other show had beat the standing ovation and tears that company had braught.

2.) A kinky lick down of Mathew Bourne’s finest creation. As frightening as that sounds, this new rendition of the Nutcracker was pure and delicious fun. Why I mention Licking is because of the unlikely switch of “Dance of the Reed Flute” to The entire cast in Sugarland finding everyone delicious and the need to taste everyone. Such modern twists to this show had made me so giddy and full of glee. This was the one show I had been waiting to see all term and it was better than expected.

3.) The most thrilling moment of this trip, the one moment all theatre students dream of is entering the very theatre Shakespeare had pulled together the most famous productions in history, The Globe Theatre. Like most theaters from his time, the original had burned down due to the extremities of firing a canon on stage during “Henry the Vlll”. The grandeur of the empty space leaves you to imagine how exciting it must be to see a show in the times, everyone in their pinned renaissance outfits throwing rotten vegetables at the actors. Or maybe watching a bear fight. I was overwhelmed and felt like I finally became an official thespian.  

3 1/2.) To continue about seeing the backstage of amazing theaters, I must add one moment that made me contemplate. A backstage tour to the Royal Opera House before Romeo and Juliet. The rush of seeing professionals during rehearsal for some ballet almost made me cry. It wasn’t how beautiful they, not they were beautiful because they were. It’s the fact that this is what life is as a professional artist. Being in a dance studio for such a renowned company. This is what I want, this is my future as a musical theatre wannabe and dreamer, to see this life blew me away.

This is why I came to London and why I’ll come again

To learn, to act, to be


Cameron Lucas


Random pictures that I liked from London that relate to nothing in particular. 

Back to the states

So here goes my first and last blog entry.  For those of you know dont know I’ve currently been abroad for the past 5 months and tomorrow will be my first day in the USofA since August 29th 2011.  These past months have been a whirlwind of experiences and London was a great middle ground to ease me back into American culture after feeling very spanish. Back to the world of McDonalds, starbucks and fast eating.  I’ve found myself in this transition missing Spain more than I expected and trying to compare everything in London to my experiences in Spain.  But taking a step back London has been just want I needed to get myself ready to go home. I’ve been able to enjoy a plethora of cuisines, japanese to indian, and get back into the swing of Eckerd being surrounded by great people.  The shows we saw were all impressive and greatly appreciated what was put together for us. Im looking forward to getting back to Eckerd and the states, as the spanish would say, hasta pronto Londres.

Johannah Ramer

A few more photos of windsor castle